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“Chio in the Morning” is a local household name, having spent over 12 years hosting mornings in Philly. He starts your day with fun games and contests like “Battle of the Sexes” which airs at 7:50 AM, “Truth or Trash” and “Chi-aoke”, his version of “karaoke” on the radio. He’s also known for helping local families in need with “Chio’s Wish”, which has expanded from the Christmas Season to 12 months a year. Never shy about unveiling his personal life on the air, he is a proud Dad of four children, and recently got re-married to his ex-wife, live on the FOX29 TV! Chio loves hanging with his rescue dogs and spending time outdoors. He also loves cars… especially Jeeps… and his #1 passion is off-roading! As he says “I like to roll my Jeep around in mud and water…it’s literally the most fun you can have driving 5 MPH”! Hear more about Chio, along with his co-host Nicole and Producer Matt, weekdays from 6:00 to 10:00 AM on Mix 106.


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