Everyone goes to meetings at work. They have become an integral part of how companies do business. And the vast majority of them are a total waste of time. At a TED talk, 2 speakers reported on their findings after looking at how we use meetings.

They figured that:

• There are more than 3 billion meetings every year, with executives spending 40 to 50 percent of their total working hours in meetings. 

• The average employee attends 62 meetings per month.

• 9 out of 10 people admit to daydreaming in meetings.

• 25 percent of meetings are spent discussing irrelevant topics.

• 75% of employees do other work during meetings.

• 75% of people have received no formal training in how to conduct a meeting.

Meetings are clearly an inefficient system of communication and collaboration that waste a lot of time and money. If you can’t eliminate them, the recommendation is to at least try fewer meetings, for less time, with fewer people, and with a much greater focus on accomplishing something. You'll be amazed at the results.

Source:: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/244499#ixzz3Y35nq3C9