You may listen to the Chio in the Morning show and hear people shout P1! and wonder... what is a P1? Well here's your guide!



It’s a RADIO term used to describe a person who listens to the “Chio in the Morning” show! This is a person who KNOWS MORE ABOUT THE SHOW THAN A NORMAL, CASUAL listener who jumps from station to station! Generally always has the show on when in the car, a huge fan. A P1 listener spends more time listening to our show than with any other show — pretty much listens exclusively to Chio in the Morning! Listened about 45 minutes a day … around 4 total hours a week!


A P1 knows that when calling into the show or via text they start the conversation with a *BIG* “P1!” .. or end it with a big P1!


P1 - stands for preset 1 on your radio, as in 106.1 is your first preset station and your radio never strays from it!


A P1 tells their friends/family about the show!

If you do these 4 THINGS… you are a Chio in the Morning P1!